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Skin Pen: Newest Treatment in Anti-Aging and Skin Renewal

Is Collagen Induction Therapy The Best Choice?

  • Every person’s skin and aesthetic goals are different, so providers and prospective patients should work together to decide if CIT is appropriate. Qualified clinicians have the training and experience using SkinPen® to thoroughly answer questions and make effective professional recommendations.

  • Collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a minimally-invasive procedure that aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars by stimulating existing collagen and elastin. CIT, also known as microneedling, has become quite popular with both patients and clinicians, because it is safe and effective. So who are the most appropriate candidates?

  • Say NO to the DERMROLLERS:

  • Technically, collagen induction therapy can be administered at home or in a day spa, using a roller device. However, results are minimal compared to medical-grade treatment, and the procedure can be painful. It’s also possible for complications such as infection or allergic reaction to develop because these environments are not sterile.

Collagen induction therapy using Skin Pen, is appropriate for women and men who:

  • Are looking for skin rejuvenation. Often that includes reducing signs of aging such as facial fine lines and wrinkles, scars due to past acne, hyper-pigmentation from over exposure to the sun, weak and thin, sagging skin?

  • Have any skin color or type. This is particularly important because so many other treatment options are not appropriate for everyone.

  • Have a busy lifestyle. Many people have personal schedules that are filled with work, family, and recreation commitments. CIT procedures are short, and there’s virtually no downtime. Repeat sessions are separated by 4-6 weeks, so scheduling is convenient.

I have researched this therapy for over 4 years. The results I've seen in my clients skin is transforming! Very little downtime especially compared to TCA or Jessner Peels.A series of 3 monthly treatments is recommended to get the best results. Make an appointment for your consultation with Kimberly at Endeavor Skincare today! Call or Text 402-980-0808.

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