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Hello Kalo!

Imagine your unwanted hair disappearing for good...sounds GREAT right? Here at Endeavor Skincare and Waxing, I have a solution that not only helps to limit the hair re-growth, but soothes the skin post-waxing, and helps to prevent those gnarly ingrown hairs!

KALO contains several ingredients that help do the job! Lactic Acid for soothing/smoothing and keeping ingrowns to a minimum, Triethanolamine to help adjust your pH, Betaglucan(an oat derived protein) to add lipids that are beneficial for repair and overall skin health, and Lanolin Oil for moisture. KALO feels like magic in a bottle!

KALO is applied once after your waxing service. You must reapply 2 more time the day of waxing. The next day 3 times during the day at your convenience. The great thing about KALO is after using it day 2, you won't need to use it again until your next waxing service! Experience the magic yourself!

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