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The Ultimate Brazilian Part 3

In this Segment, I'm going to explain the actual Brazilian Waxing Process. To begin with, always know That I will tell you when we are going to pull the wax off. Once the applied wax has hardened, I will ask you to take a deep breath and blow out. That's when the wax will be removed. I ask that you try not to jump or pull your hips away, because that could possibly cause discomfort and bruising to the area.

* A note about bruising...bruising usually happens in the crease area of the hips. This is because the skin is much thinner there, than the rest of the pubic area. If you do experience bruising, it will usually dissipate with an hour or so after your service. Let me work as fast as I can for your comfort level.

I do use a cool towel for the first time Brazilian waxing clients, that I drape across the waxed area to reduce any potential discomfort. The cool towel will calm down the capillaries and will also help reduce any bruising or inflammation.

Next segment will talk about an "option" you can add to your Ultimate Grooming Experience... and some soothing tips to do after services that will make your experience even better!

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