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Women love to shop and some guys do, too. I used to spend many precious hours of my time shopping for just the right shoes, just the right jeans, just the right spa service...for just the right price. I used to be able to relay on the friendly sales person or service provider for any extra information I needed...maybe they had a little experience with what I was looking for too. But lately I've found that kind of "service" to be non-existent.

I may be over 40...okay 50, but I'm still in the loop and I've discovered GOOGLE! You can find almost any type of information you need on what I call "the best invention since false eyelashes". But getting through all the wordiness (is that even a word?) typically associated with whatever it is you are trying to find "the best of"...brings me to my knees! I am finding that I spend almost just as much time searching the web as I use to trekking around in my Sketcher Shape-Ups... spending my hard earned dollars on gas driving from store to store!

So what's my point? While spending thousands of hours working in the skincare/customer service industry, I've quizzed my clients on exactly what it is they are looking for...what results are they expecting...and giving them opinions based on those many years of experience. And boy have I had experiences!

OK, so here it is! The look is over! You've found it...I've created it! The perfect facial, the perfect waxing, and the prefect relaxing professional experience...With the results you've only HEARD about. Wow, does it feel good knowing that every time you come to Kimberly at Endeavor Skincare and Waxing for your services, you'll walk out completely satisfied! Now if only shopping for nude colored, platform heels was this easy!

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