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The Ultimate Brazilian-Part 1

Explaining to people what Brazilian waxing is...well, lets just say it's a bit of a delicate conversation! I generally describe Brazilian waxing as...the ULTIMATE in "grooming the space down under, and I'm NOT talking Australia.

When a new client comes to me for a Brazilian waxing, the first question I ask is "Have you ever had a Brazilian Waxing before?" I either get a very nervous "NO!", or I get an even more nervous"Yes, one time...and the experience was horrible!" I respond by saying to them "Really?" If it was that bad with me, I won't be so booked with Brazilian waxing appointments, and they wouldn't be coming back!

At Endeavor Skincare and Waxing, I have many years of experience! I use a specialized Hard wax for my waxing services. You can be assured that I keep to the strictest of privacy and sanitation! Victoria isn't the only one with my next segment I'll tell you my secrets to help you get ready for your "Ultimate Grooming Experience!"

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