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Never Had a Brazilian?

What can I say about Brazilian waxes? They can be intimidating, but I do my best to make you feel comfortable..I'm a talker! I start by cleansing the area...of course! I use a special hard wax which is beneficial for sensitive skin in "that area"! No strips involved...yikes! I start at the top outside edges of the thigh area and work my way in and down. I have ways of helping to alleviate the discomfort such as holding the skin tight, using pressure after every pull and even applying cool towel after the pull. For your backside, I have you lay down on your stomach(not on all fours like many places....eeeek!).

The first time is always the most nerve-wracking, but don't the second visit it's a piece of cake! The more frequently you get waxed the faster the roots of the hair will diminish making it easier for the hair to come out. Your skin becomes smoother and less irritated. Your hair won't grow back for 3-8 weeks, and over time waxing actually inhibits hair growth making it less and less!

All in all, Brazilian waxes are totally worth it! Here at Endeavor Skincare and Waxing, Brazilians are NOTHING like the horror stories that you've heard about. They are only horror stories because they didn't come here to have it done!

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